Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grand Prix Audio Monaco 1.5 turntable


Grand Prix Audio introduces a new 1.5 version of the highly acclaimed Monaco Turntable. Never resting on our laurels, we have continually worked on improving the performance of the Monaco Turntable and our achievements have thus rendered any perceived shortcomings vanishingly small.

Recently, an owner of a widely acclaimed 100K design proclaimed our 1.5 version Monaco in a head to head comparison using a Tri-Planar tonearm as clearly “the machine of the future”. He commented that our design greatly exceeded the detail, frequency accuracy, and musicality of his supposed world leader design. Another audio reviewer myth shattered by GPA engineering excellence. We don’t fib about what we do, we actually do it!

What does it do better?

The new version 1.5 Monaco Turntable has many improvements from the originally released design. These design improvements enable the Monaco 1.5 to achieve speed accuracy in excess of 2 times the speed accuracy of the original ground breaking Monaco design. These improvements have also reduced its already lowest in the industry noise signatures even further to unrecognizable levels. This now makes the Monaco Turntable many times more speed (and thus frequency) accurate than any other designs at any price. It also makes the new version Monaco the quietest turntable design ever, by far.

You can spend many times more on a turntable but all you buy is less performance, and lots of gimmicks and nonsense pseudo engineering versus true performance, value, and real engineering as offered in all Grand Prix Audio products.

What makes it better? The new version Monaco Turntable 1.5 features the following improvements;

New generation encoder disc of higher accuracy. This was not technically possible when we first achieved the design.

New generation encoder technology which was not available when the design was first released.

Revised software programming which further enhances the already extreme motion control accuracy of the platter rotation.

New generation thrust bearing material which further reduces noise and friction at this critical single contact interface to the platter.

New generation custom cabling featuring enhanced RFI and EMI shielding. This new custom cable has two fully shielded bundles of cable. One fully shielded section for the DC power current and another separate bundle with a separately isolated shield for all the signal wires communicating the digital signals which control the platter motion.

Refined grounding architecture which enhances the RFI and EMI shielding.

A totally new and additional circuit board which acts to suppress EMI fields from the digital encoded loop motion control system. This new development reduced these signatures by over 50% from the original table. With the additions of the new cable and several other proprietary addresses we have managed to reduce the EMI signature of the design by nearly 90% over the original version Monaco! THIS IS A HUGE TECHNICAL ACHEIVEMENT!

New generation circuit boards throughout all featuring gold plated circuits versus the industry standard lesser quality tin.

Revised internal plinth configurations which further reduced the already unheard of low noise levels (pun intended on the unheard of ?)