Monday, April 18, 2011

GamuT M'inenT M7 Loudspeaker


Enclosure type:Impulse optimized Bass Reflex Enclosure build
Enclosure build:Real wood veneered Laminated Curved MDF
Enclosure construction:Internal Bracing and pressure control segments to optimize cabinet surfaces behaviour.
Enclosure Acoustics internally:critically positioned & optimized acoustic elements.
Port Opening:Flow optimized Aluminium terminated 3 mm thick high pressure polymer.
Input terminals:GamuT Machined Gold plated Bronze and aluminium terminals.
Connection options:Minimum loss bare wire connection, 8 mm Spades or 4 mm Banana.
 Separate connection for the tweeter and for the mid / woofer section
Internal wiring:GamuT " Worm Hole Signature" wires
Woofer:2 x 7" wood fibre cone, low distortion magnetsystem, GamuT Hand treated cone structure.
Mid:7" sliced cone, dynamic optimized, GamuT Hand treated cone structure.
Tweeter:impulse and resonance optimized Double ring radiator, with GamuT stainless steel wave guide
Network:Impulse correct and resonance optimized NRLI.
Network configuration:3 – way, DC coupled midrange, baffle-corrected for free in room placement
Front cover:Flow optimized MDF frame covered by acoustically transparent fabric
Impedance:4 ohms nominal
Minimum impedance:2,9 ohms at 250 Hz
Crossover point:250 & 2250 Hz
Sensitivity:90.0 dB/2.83V
Frequency response:29Hz - 50 kHz
Dimensions:1280mm (H) 226mm (W) 642mm (D)
Weight:42 kg
Recommended amplifier for maximum performance: minimum 120W into 4 ohms.
Recommended amplifier for maximum performance: maximum 600W into 4 ohms.