Saturday, April 30, 2011

Exclusive BCC-drivers from Accuton now on all TIDAL speakers

In 2003, not only the 30mm diamond tweeter celebrated its world premiere in the TIDAL Sunray but also the BCC-Long excursion drivers (black coated ceramic) became available exclusively in this one-of-kind loudspeaker for the first time ever. 

Starting now all TIDAL-Models come with the BCC-Drivers which are exclusively made for TIDAL by Thiel & Partners (Accuton). In addition, the models Piano Cera, Amea and Contriva are equipped with a graphite-ceramic tweeter. Also exclusively made for TIDAL by Thiel & Parter (Accuton). 

The black coated drivers harmonize extraordinarily with our midnight black piano finish, as well as our veneer piano finish cabinets. But that is for us just a nice side effect and closes the circle to offer an outstanding product in Sound, Finish and Design.