Monday, April 11, 2011

Bluetooth A2DP Module MMI interface in Burmester CD player

For all current Burmester CD player from the Reference, Top and Classic Line is from the high-end one MMI module available that allows you to play audio from Bluetooth-enabled computers and mobile phones.

Of course, customers who already have a Burmester CD player from these product lines will benefit from this development. Thus, the 069, the 089 and 061 also equipped from the start of production with an MMI slot and therefore can now be equipped with the new module. This acts as a Bluetooth receiver (A2DP-Sink), which can be combined with almost any Bluetooth-enabled device that supports the music output via A2DP streaming. Thus, for example, from iPhone, BlackBerry or laptop, the feature A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile), based on the stored music played easily wirelessly through the domestic system that can be used for spontaneous and easy listening.

In addition, already is a further development of the module as a stand-alone version in the pipeline. This will be a digital input, analog output, and a USB input (Class2Audio) equipped and comfortable, a wireless integration of all sources that have A2DP to allow in an existing plant. 
Prices have not yet been notified.