Thursday, March 3, 2011

More Gemme Audio V FLEX series

Each Vflex enclosure is hand made and custom built for each buyer. All models share the same basic enclosure design. The architecture is extremely complex to build, but also is beautifully simple in the way it performs.
Borrowing from the acoustical horn and from the tuned pipe organ, the exclusive Vflex loading produces large amounts of superbly controlled, tight and musical bass frequencies. And because a natural vacuum is engineered in the system, the transducer membrane is always perfectly controlled, even on complex musical signal.
As a result, movement induced distortion is drastically reduced, as well as intermodulation distortion. This is why all Vflex models are able to produce full-range, full bodied sound from low inertia components and First Order networks, with absolute minimal music-robbing passive electronic components.