Friday, March 25, 2011

Hartvig TT Signature turntable

89000 DKK

The ultimate in music reproduction, high tech structure and build quality, with incredible high gloss polishes lacquer finish. The Hartvig TT Signature is the newest evolution in phonograph playback, and takes the classic analog medium to yet another level.

Our endless listening sessions and strenuous tweaking, ensures music playback like no other, and widen the gap even further from the digital medias, with truly smooth and grain less analog sound. Opening the soundstage wider than ever, and keeping everything in completely control, our new platter and motor system is the absolute benchmark in its class.

Precision microprocessors controlled motor system ensures stabile and precise rotation, and naturally flow of music.

The platter and plinth is developed from the TT model, and brought up to a even higher level of precision tolerances, decoupling and advanced damping. And yet its all discretely hidden, inside the exclusive and clean looking design. 

Custom armboards, with wide array of setup alignment possibilities. We are stocking armboard for many of the most popular manufactures, and we are ready to make custom armboard for your favorite arm, on demand. 

Available in any finish or wood you like. Aluminum parts is available in anodised, polished or glass bead blasted surface finish.

Clever clamp with tightening mechanism is included.

HM Elektronik