Friday, February 25, 2011

Simply Physics turntable and Mag-Lev tonearm

The innovative tonearm does not use a conventional “arm” tube or wand, it has a vertical hydraulic piston with internal magnetic dampening. The stylus cannot leave the perfect tangent, and the assembly has no relative mass other than tracking force. There is no “teeter-totter effect of a pivot point in a traditional arm, nor as in other linear arms like the Clearaudio/Souther and the Kuzma products.. These arms cannot keep perfect tangent and azimuth alignment up and down, eliminating any gain they have in linear tracking…

The turntable design uses four slot-less, gapless, (no cogging-no hysteresis problems) 7200 rpm DC motors each driving a pair of the four precision flywheels in an overlapping drive/pulley speed reduction network. The spindles are all magnetically lifted and bathed in hydraulic sleeves - there are no contact points between motors, turntable, and platter except the drive belts and hydraulic dampening fluid. Speed corrected with a micro encoder on each flywheel that reads 3,000,000 times per minute! Motor speed is adjustable through precision DC motor voltage control, in increments of .001 RPM, even at 78 rpm. Even 78 rpm is speed corrected 3,000,000 times per minute at any minor +/- adjustment!