Sunday, February 13, 2011

Siltech Royal Signature Double Crown

Empress Double Crown $25000 1m
Empress Double Crown Phono $26000 1m

Emperor Double Crown $63500 2,5m

The flat octet is locked by a Dupont multi carrier reducing microphonics to zero. Conductor build up: The 8 wires are constructed with unique mono-crystal silver strands. From one side the other there is no crystal boundary. Audio distortion is essentially zero. Connection to the outside world: The flat octet is supported with flexible G7 silver-gold output leads for the loudspeaker cable. The connection is crimped to a new ultra pure G7 technology of silver-gold. G7 is SATT treated for optimum sonic results. New G7 SATT treated -SSP005 Am- spade connectors are used as standard termination. The soft silver-gold ensures perfect contact with near zero distortion and very low loss with various types of connectors (WBT, Fisher, Cardas and others).

Ruby Double Crown $8700 1m

The new Ruby Double Crown is completely made with pure monocrystal conductors from high purity silver. The conductors are isolated with the latest super composite layers from DuPont, restricted and used for military purpose.
Connector: Carbon Furutech

Octopus Double Crown $5500