Friday, February 25, 2011

Kharma Exquisite P1000

The Exquisite P1000 Series consist of different versions of the Exquisite Preamplifier:

· The Exquisite P1000 Reference - €40000
· The Exquisite P1000 Signature - €80000

Moreover there is also the possibility, as for all products in the Exquisite Collection, to adjust the product totally to your style and wishes by entering the Privileges Program.

Exquisite Reference Preamplifier P1000 This version of the P1000 Series is marking the reference in the P1000 Series, where all features have to be heard to be believed and are summarized as follows:
· Fully Balanced
· Silver transformers in the AC power supply
· Hand wired / soldered point to point wiring in the audio circuitry
· Sophisticated remote controlled motorized discrete stepped attenuator with the very best resistors
Besides, this model has standard a beautiful frontpanel with Kharma trapeziums and a black anodized aluminium cabinet.

Exquisite Signature Preamplifier P1000

The Signature P1000 Preamplifier is a special version of the P1000 Reference, where both technical as visual the preamplifier is upgraded.

The P1000 Signature amplifier does not only have all the nice features the P1000 Reference has, but also has additional very special features:
· Mono Atomic Silver internal wiring
· Diamond-Tunqsten SDSS-stand
· Luxury frontpanel design

Besides, there is the option to execute the P1000 Signature in blank anodized aluminium instead of black anodized aluminium. Moreover some different frontpanels will be available, where the P1000 Signature standard already has a very special wood-inlay Kharma design frontpanel.

Kharma Privileges Program
As for all products from the Exquisite Collection there is the possibility to enter the Privileges Program for the preamplifiers of the P1000 Series.

A glimpse of what is possible


The Exquisite preamp Series is equipped with hand wired discrete point to point wiring made of our finest solid core silver-gold alloy, which is treated with proprietary Kharma techniques. During auditions it was established that no circuit board is able to reveal the depth of the sound space the way discretely wired components do.
The volume control of the Exquisite P1000 preamplifiers are also a zero compromise state of the art design with “naked” Z-foil resistors in a discretely switched shunt attenuator that is again fully wired with Kharma pure silver-gold wiring. Furthermore, the source control is of course also a completely discrete circuit, wired point to point, no circuit boards, just pure silver-gold Kharma wiring to ensure the elimination of any
compromise in the signal path. As a result the audio circuit as a whole is extremely pure and on top of that, it is powered by an incredibly clean power supply that prohibits any outside interference affecting the signal path. This is illustrated by the properties of the power supply which has such a long RC-time that it takes about one hour to fill the capacitors to their maximum potential.
The result has to be heard with extreme quality loudspeakers to fully unveil the inner quality of this preamp. For the volume setting to be remotely adjusted, we have designed a sophisticated two-way RF remote control unit. This allows real-time updates of the volume setting to the RC unit over a considerable distance, which enhances usability. Hence the sophisticated remote controls the motorized discrete stepped attenuator in an optimal way.

Technical specifications

System: Fully discrete solid state class-A preamplifier
Power: 60 Watt maximum
Input sensitivity: 2.4 V
Gain: 18 dB
Frequency range: 10 Hz – 200k Hz ±0.2 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): < 0.004
SNR: > 90 dB
Input impedance: 50k Ohm