Friday, February 25, 2011

Kharma Exquisite Extreme Grand Limited Edition25



The Kharma Exquisite Collection is recently complemented with the Exquisite Extreme Grand, which materializes the absolute end of the high-end in audio. The Exquisite Grand already had claimed this extraordinary level, but Kharma proves again with this successor that we go beyond limits of audio engineering. However Kharma always can deliver more than already is proven. The Exquisite Extreme Grand limited edition proves this once more. Only 25 pairs will be made of this very special and unique version of the Exquisite Extreme Grand.

The uniqueness of this limited edition exists of:

· Each finish detail of the limited edition of the Extreme Grand can be personalised to great extend and will be specially selected in consultation with the proud new owner. This high personalisation includes a special serial
number plate with the signature of the founder of Kharma and the customer name.

· The Extreme Grand is already the first ultra high-end loudspeaker in the world that is totally driven by composed based drivers. However, in the limited edition these drivers are even further refined by upgrading the drivers with the Kharma Extreme Signature (KES) process. This process exists of many proprietary techniques to further enhance the musicality of the system.

· The internal wiring is fully Enigma Extreme Signature quality, which contains very exclusive mono atomic silver. This internal wiring will only be used in this limited edition of the Extreme Grand.

· The whole cabinet has been treated with the KES-process involving antiresonance techniques

· This loudspeaker will be setup by Kharma technician and includes a Kharma Enigma Extreme Signature loudspeaker cable set of 2 meters.

The Exquisite Extreme Grand limited edition is in one breath a highly personalised loudspeaker specially treated with Kharma Extreme Signature processes in every detail.


The Exquisite Extreme Grand is the successor of the Exquisite Grand, which was up till now the most sophisticated dynamic loudspeaker system in the world. However, the Extreme Grand takes in this place with pride. It is a virtual point-source system, where the centre Diamond tweeters project the image very precise with incredible stage depth, height and width. The human hearing perceives the whole sound field from the Extreme Grand as if being emanated from a single point that contributes to a very natural soundstage, sometimes small when recording space was small, sometimes very large when the recording was like that.


The massive cabinet is made of high pressure laminate (HPL) in a multi-layer construction. The cabinet is a piece of art in every way, from the use of perfect materials to construction and finish, all are exceptional. The use of HPL plates causes the mechanical vibrations of the cabinet to damp to almost zero. This damping of the mechanical vibrations of the cabinet is important, because the cabinet should absolutely have no contribution to the sound field itself. For this reason the cabinet should not emanate vibrations, which is realised by the material of the cabinet. Moreover the whole cabinet has been treated with the KES-process
involving anti-resonance techniques.
The combination of the extreme dense HPL multi-layer construction, sophisticated acoustical damping and the special KES-treatment of the cabinet for this limited edition makes sure the cabinet is in perfect condition.


This Exquisite loudspeaker can only achieve astonishing musicality by using complex crossover techniques, which can be seen as the beating heart of this loudspeaker. This complex in-house developed crossover will lead all drivers to the right music composition.
Therefore the crossover can be seen as an orchestra conductor, which will have to turn the information received through the loudspeaker cable into a musical spectacle as if it was read from a music sheet.
Kharma has mastered the art of retaining musical wholeness with the proprietary crossover technique used in the Exquisite Extreme Grand. This technique is seldom used by other manufacturers because of its complexity. This results in the Kharma crossover where simply is no gap in information.


Mechanical residual vibrations of the cabinet are terminated by the Spike Disk Suspension System (SDSS) by minimising the contact area between the cabinet and the floor. The SDSS stand also provides a fixed and levelled orientation for the cabinet drivers, because each spike can be adjusted individually in the vertical direction.

Extreme Signature treatment

The Extreme Grand Exquisite limited edition comes with the Kharma Extreme Signature treatment, which is first of all implemented to improve the structure born vibrational properties of the driver chassis and secondly to enhance the magnetical field handling as well as proprietary techniques. Furthermore the incredible attention to detail has led to the use of pure gold and mono atomic silver metallurgic alloys for internal cabling. These internal cables have been refined by the proprietary KES-processes, which are belonging exclusively to the
Extreme Signature treatment. As a result the Extreme Grand Exquisite limited edition has now struck an unbelievable level of detail.
The connection of this loudspeaker is executed in the Silver/ Gold Signature version of the Kharma Binding Post System (KBPS-SGS). The connection is made of very pure, solid silver/gold alloy, which has exactly the same metallurgical alloy as the Kharma cables. In addition the connection is also treated with the proprietary
treatments of Kharma to influence the conductance behaviour.


· High-frequency: 2 x 1-inch Diamond concave tweeter
· High / Mid-frequency: 2 x 4-inch Ultra-High Modulus Kharma Composite Driver
· Mid-frequency: 2 x 7-inch Ultra-High Modulus Kharma Composite Driver
· Low-frequency: 2 x 15-inch High Modulus Sandwich 10 mm thickness

Kharma Composite Driver

The Extreme Grand is totally equipped with composite based drivers and therefore is unique in the world. All loudspeakers in the Exquisite Collection were already equipped with Diamond tweeters, but now Kharma has even gone one step further by this new feature.
Moreover the drivers are selected and upgraded with the special Kharma Extreme Signature process, which involves many proprietary techniques to further enhance the musicality of the system.

High Modulus drivers

The 15-inch woofers, the High Modulus Sandwich Kharma Composite Drivers, are especially developed to be able to deliver a very detailed bass. These woofers are equipped with a new cone technology developed by Kharma. It consists of ultra hightech rocket science/formula 1 based fibres.

Ultra-High Modulus drivers

The Ultra-High Modulus 4-inch and 7-inch composite drivers are even made of a finer ultra high-tech fibre, which as a consequence increases the stiffness of the cones even more than already is the case by the High Modulus composite drivers. This obtained extra stiffness is utilized to produce the mid- and high-frequency range with incredible detail.

Diamond concave tweeter

Without a doubt the quality is guaranteed by using two Diamond tweeters as a standard in the Exquisite Extreme Grand. These high-frequency drivers are true technological wonders. The tweeters have a diamond cone which have been realised by the so called CVD process. With this process incredible stiffness is reached with a minimum of thickness of only 50 μm. Notice a human hair is in the range of 17 to 180 μm. The cone is the most essential part of the tweeter and because this cone is made of Diamond the tweeter is capable to create impressively pure high frequencies.

Technical specifications

System: 5-way
RMS power: 1250 Watt
Program power: 2500 Watt
Frequency range: 18 Hz – 90 kHz
Nominal impedance: 4 Ohm
Minimal impedance: 2 – 4 Ohm
Efficiency 2.83V/1m: 92 dB
Maximum SPL: 123 dB


Including stand
Width: 550 mm / 21.65 inch
Height: 2219 mm / 87.36 inch
Depth: 845 mm / 33.27 inch