Friday, February 25, 2011

Franck Tchang Liveline ASI

The new ASI LiveLine two chassis preamp [€24.000] offers three RCA/XLR inputs respectively and two XLR outputs. Max voltage swing is 18Vrms. Output impedance is 30 ohms, input impedance is 30Kohms, frequency response is DC to 600kHz +0/-3dB. Channel separation is better than 120dB, the A-weighted noise floor is below 130dB. Max power consumption is given as 60 watts and an all-metal remote for volume is included. The main unit measures 505 x 360 x 120mm WxDxH and weighs 12kg. The power supply measures 505 x 330 x 120mm WxDxH and weighs 13kg.

The ASI Grand Mono [€58.000/pr] offers RCA and XLR inputs, biwire terminals, two IEC power inlets and one of the highest power ratings in the industry - 2400 watts into 8 ohms, 3600 watts into 4 and 4500 watts into 2 ohms. Max instantaneous peak current is given as 240A and maximum swing voltage as 140V. Frequency response is DC - 500kHz +0/-3dB. Damping factor across the audible range is 10.000, S/N better than 120dB. Dimensions are 505 x 630 x 270mm WxDxH, weight per channel is 90kg.

The matching Grand Stereo power amplifier [€30.000] also offers RCA and XLR inputs, dual IECs and biwire speaker terminals. Its power output is 650, 1000 and 1800 watts into 8, 4 and 2 ohms respectively. Max peak current is 120A, max voltage swing 75V. Weight is 90kg.