Monday, February 14, 2011

The Disc Rotator


The Disc Rotator plinth is composed of multi-layer tension-free, CNC-machined aluminium, separated by 25mm of visco-elastic polymer. Internally hidden is a CNC-machined pattern designed to minimise vibration in the aluminium construction. The visco-elastic polymer is an effective acoustic damper and absorber which aids natural frequency to <10Hz. The plinth weight is topping 55kg. This massive multi-layer construction prevents vibration in the plinth.

The turntable suspension incorporates a magnetic plinth-feet construction that decouples the plinth through air-floating force. The magnetic forces are fully controlled and housed in massive aluminium in the turntable feet thus preventing distortion of the sensitive electrical signals from the cartridge.

A 3-phase top of the line EC-motor, with an optical high precision encoder housed in a motor house made of 10mm thick aluminium. A highly advanced motor pulley & flywheel not just stunning to look at, but really good for rotational stability.

High-end motor control, custom made for The Disc Rotator™. Finely adjustable speed by easily accessible push buttons. 3 drive belts of seamless round silicone based thread.

Tonearm mounting:

The Disc Rotator is designed for use with 1 or 2 tonearms, either one 9” or 12” as preferred by the customer. Standard mounting is for SME-tonearms / Graham Phantom II B-44. Custom order of tonearm base for other tonearm mounts.


Custom made Carbon fibre platter mat. Custom made Record clamp. Custom made outer ring clamp.

Total weight - 85kg

Price - 200,000 SEK