Sunday, January 9, 2011

Verity Audio Monsalvat


There is a working model in Verity's factory in Quebec City, Canada, but the first public appearance won't be until later this year -- perhaps as early as the Salon Son and Image show in Montreal in April, but only if it's fully completed by that time. If the Monsalvat sounds half as good as it looks, whoa, look out.
But there are details available now. The Monsalvat is a four-way, four-piece active loudspeaker system that requires six channels of amplification for a stereo pair. There are two main speaker towers that house the tweeter, upper-midrange, and lower-midrange drivers, and there are two subwoofer tower stacks with four 15-inchers apiece.
There's a passive crossover between the ribbon tweeter and midrange in each speaker (powered by one channel of amplification). The midbass array and subwoofer tower are each powered by dedicated channels of amplification, making three channels per side required. These towers can be arrayed either vertically or horizontally, depending on exactly how the consumer wants to set them up in their home (each tower is about eight feet tall and, therefore, might not fit every room's ceiling height).