Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tom Evans Audio Design The Mastergroove


The Mastergroove is a major leap in Evolution from Tom’s previous statement phono-stage, the G+SRX and in Tom’s own words, “The front end gain stages have 50% less noise and distortion and twice the dynamic range compared to the G+SRX, all signal path resistors are Vishay 0.1 % tol and 15ppm tempco. Each stage of gain is powered by a Lithos 7 class a local voltage regulator, both left and right channel local voltage regulators are supplied by my higher powered Lithos 6 regulators, in all 14 pcb’s. We even went to the trouble of designing and winding ‘in house’ a new 200va low flux transformer with an electrostatic screened primary winding to dramatically reduce RF entering the power supply. Nine values per / ch of cartridge loading resistor settings are provided with dip switches on the rear panel. MM (and Decca ) versions can be built to order.”