Friday, January 7, 2011

Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne


To all the visitors - To keep this High-End blog alive, everyone must go click-crazy on the Google ads - the site needs minimum 500 or more clicks per day.

If every visitor clicks at the Google ad banners before they leave - just click at the three banners with orange links - as many times you can.

With your help I can take this blog to the next level - yes it's very good now, but it can be exceptional.

Just hold down the CTRL-key (MAC users use the CMD-key) and then left-click the ads with the mouse - a new tab opens automatically - this is the fastest and easiest way. You don't have to look at the ads or do something with them.

The clicks are going steadily upwards - to all the non-clickers please start to click now.
To all of you that click the ads already - thank you for a great job, but don't stop now because the blog needs many more clicks to stay alive.

If the click rate is to low this blog will close at the end of December 2011.

Thank you.