Sunday, January 2, 2011

Emmlabs DAC2-X

It bears the name DAC2-X and have the technology from top player XDS1 but aimed at those who choose to bet on PC audio (eg laptop PC, MAC, Squeezebox, Sonos, HiFace Evo or Olive) instead of SACD. Simultaneously offers EMM Labs to customers who have a DAC2 can get this upgraded to DAC2-X for a price that corresponds to the difference in new price on the two models. Boats and DAC2 DAC2-X will henceforth be found in the EMM Labs product range, so DAC2-X is not intended as a replacement for DAC2, but as a step up in fidelity.
One can thus start with a DAC2 and later have it upgraded to DAC2-X, or jump directly to a DAC2-X if you are aiming at the ultimate beginning.

DAC2-X EMM Labs' new record low jitter clock with less than 1 picosecond, and animproved version of the EMM Labs proprietary discrete, balanced digital to analog converter. 
When upgrading from DAC2 DAC2 to-X you get switched digital converter and printing, as well
as adding a new printer is using a new technique eliminates the digital noise, as in all other
DACs emitted from digital circuitry.

DAC2-DAC2 like X has a significant number of digital inputs: USB, SPDIF, AES / EBU and
 With EMM Labs patented MFAST circuit jitter effectively removed from the signal 
source, which is especially important when using a PC or the like to provide DAC with music.
If you want to play SACDs through this converter, this can be done with an EMM Labs
TSD1 drive that delivers its digital signal to DAC2-X over an optical ST Link connection,
so that drives and dac are completely separated purely electric.

The converter circiut and a built in line drivers are built on ceramic sandwich printing with
Vibration and super smooth PCB tracks.
 This provides a sound quality equal to if the circuit
was hardwired with OFC copper wire.

Price DAC2-X: DKr 110,000, -. 
Price for upgrading to DAC2 DAC2-X: DKr 40,000, -