Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wave Kinetics NVS Reference turntable


Speed Control:
Capable of both 33 1/3 and 45 RPM 
Utilizes a laboratory grade motor control system
High inertia platter
Speed accuracy to better than 1 part per 1000000
Direct drive system
Tuning optimized using a 17 degree of freedom tuning model

Vibration Attenuation:
Transfer of floor and airborne vibration is greatly attenuated before reaching the platter and stylus
A specifically tuned platform eliminates the transfer of floor/stand vibration stimuli such as foot-fall
Stiffness in the structure – constructed entirely of monolithic parts machined from solid metal billets minimized joints and connectors
Internal vibration damping system tuned to eliminate transfer of airborne vibration and vibration generated internally (motor & drive train noise)

Materials selection:
Body - Solid aluminum billet providing high mass and high stiffness
Platform – milled from a single large billet of aluminum for uparalled stiffnes. Tuned suspension system using custom viscoelastic dampers, base crafted from proprietary vibration damping material.
Platter– aluminum / mass loaded polymer. Provides high mass and optimal record /platter interface material.

Manufacturing precision
Precision machined using state of the art 5 axis CNC mills.
All parts machined to 1/1000 “ tolerances
Touch screen control – to reduce moving parts and possible source of vibration the NVS is equipped with a touch sensitive control screen