Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vapor Sound Cirrus


The Cirrus is made to compete and beat any stand-mount speaker in the World no matter price.  The foundation for Cirrus is cabinet construction that is unheard of at this price.  Through the use of Finite Element Analysis software, cabinet resonances have been eliminated and edge diffraction is greatly reduced.  Internal reflections are also greatly reduced.  Cirrus cabinets are made exclusively with 14-ply AAA void-free Baltic Birch ply, extremely expensive but the best possible wood based material to use for cabinet construction.  The walls are filled with an engineered silica compound to further attenuate both sound transmission and resonances, a threaded rod through the center of the assembly tensions the cabinet, and the baffle is constructed with a ‘constrained layer’ method to eliminate mechanical resonances.

A fast tweeter is great, but integration is the key.  Few woofers can match the speed of a tweeter like the RAAL, one of those few is the custom AudioTechnology C-Quenze driver.  This woofer is a near perfect blend of detail and musicality, articulation and dynamics.  AudioTechnology drivers are still made with the same level of attention to absolute detail that made them famous, and gave rise to Dynaudio.  But never before has a speaker as affordable as Cirrus implemented an AudioTechnology driver.

Vapor Sound