Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Mimesis 20H: Historical Converter from Goldmund


We recently announced a new Mimesis 22 History analog preamplifier, and to make the celebration complete, Goldmund also created the Mimesis 20 Historical D/A converter.
In 2001 the Mimesis 20M was already considered as the absolute D/A. The Mimesis 20 Historical is now a concentrate of the most advanced technologies ever developed by Goldmund. With a noise rejection even better than the Alize 7, a chassis built with the latest “Asymmetrical Mechanical Grounding” construction, the double AC-Curator introduced first in the Eidos Reference, and more internal adjustments than even the Mimesis 20.7, the Mimesis 20 History will without any doubt surpass the expectations of the most demanding audiophiles.