Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mark & Daniel Fantasia S


 The Fantasia-S speaker system is crafted as a two-way plus one omni-directional super tweeter, featuring a low 650Hz crossover and super low Frequency Modulation Distortion (FMD) index for true hi-fi reproduction.  TheFantasia-S sound system not only includes those unique features found exclusively on the other M&D product lines; it also establishes yet another set of audio milestones based on these advanced concepts:

Modularized chambers for the speaker’s SX woofer,Dreams AMT driver, Omni-Harmonizer super tweeter, and the crossover network, to ensure absolutely unparalleled and vibrantly clean sound reproduction without interference from one drive to another.

Optimized sound engineering for each unique module to achieve systems integration; and with adjustable toe-in design for the Dreams module makes speaker placement very easy.

This complex sound system is crafted from costly compound marble (CAM) which creates rock solid enclosures, completely hand-made, with every detail painstakingly cared for and addressed; Indeed, TheFantasia-S is an amazing work of Art!