Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Goldmund Mimesis 22H Historical Analog Preamplifier

Do you remember the Mimesis 22 in 1996? Maybe not; but you probably remember the Mimesis 22M in 2001, celebrated as “THE” Goldmund Analog Preamplifier. Since then, the Mimesis 22S was even more admired but probably not as celebrated. For 2011 and the 10th anniversary of the Mimesis 22M, Goldmund announces a very-limited series of the Mimesis 22H (History), the most achieved analog preamplifier ever announced by Goldmund, born from a combination of all the best circuits ever introduced in analog preamplifiers by our company.
The main unit is mostly a Mimesis 22S, our lowest noise preamplifier. But what makes the biggest difference is the new much-improved separate power supply. It is twice larger than before and also makes the 22 heat less. In addition, the new power supply uses the double AC-Curator of the Eidos Reference and better capacitors. The preamplifier and its power supply are both built using the new Asymmetrical Mechanical Grounding construction so they can be stacked to look even more impressive.
The Mimesis 22H power supply is available as an upgrade for those who want to improve their Mimesis 22S.