Saturday, November 27, 2010

audio research LS27


Hybrid JFET/tube stereo line stage with remote control.

  • Controls: Selectable high/medium/low gain settings, BAL/SE selection, balance control, invert (phase), and stereo/mono selection
  • Processor pass-through for home theater applications
  • Dimmable display with the option of being turned off
  • All of the inputs and outputs have balanced XLR and single-ended RCA connectors, including six pairs of discrete inputs, a processor (unity gain) input, a monitor loop, and two sets of main outputs
  • Monitoring of tube hours
  • A new microprocessor controls all functions
  • Pure Class-A design with zero feedback
  • Fully regulated power supply
  • Gain is provided by twin 6H30 triodes
  • Rear panel includes a 12V trigger and a 15A IEC connector