Sunday, November 28, 2010

Atlas Cables Asimi speaker cables

The company claims the Asimi is "probably the highest performance loudspeaker cable currently available" and that it utilises much of the new technology and thinking that went into the company's reference Asimi analogue interconnect.
The new cable includes high-quality OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) silver conductors with less than one grain in 700 feet of conductor, so enabling the audio signal to travel through a continuous conductor instead of traversing grain boundaries. The silver is of "the highest" purity - 6N or 99.9999% pure.
Each cable includes six strands with three different conductor diameters. The insulator is the same micro-porous PTFE dielectric type from the Asimi interconnect which Atlas says has a minimal effect upon the signal being transmitted along the cable. It's covered by a PVC jacket resulting in an overall diameter of about 16mm.

Price £9000 3m pr