Thursday, September 30, 2010

Townshend Glastonbury Tor


  • 4 bass mid drivers 15Hz-5kHz vertical line foreword facing
  • 6 leaf tweeters 5kHz-20kHz vertical line foreword facing
  • 1 leaf tweeter rear facing for enhanced ambience
  • 1 Supertweeter 20kHz-90kHz point source foreword facing
  • Bass drivers made in house to achieve the correct Q for bass reflex loading
  • Resonant frequency 27Hz
  • Double flared port (pioneered by Townshend Audio in the original legendary Glastonbury II speaker from 1985)
Line has full frequency response from bottom to top unlike speakers which have bass, mid then treble.
  • Multiple drivers reduce distortion due to constructive interference superposition.
  • Time aligned Line array
  • Welded steel shell, Herculite lined 20mm
  • Fixings set in Herculite
  • Fully floating on Stella Stand which isolate from 2Hz up.
  • Weight 85Kg
  • Frequency response 15Hz-90kHz +/- 3dB
  • Power handling 400W.
  • EDCT wired
  • Internal three way crossover 6dB slope.