Monday, September 27, 2010

Beyond Frontiers Audio Hybrid Integrated Amplifier


 -Toroidal transformer 1600W
- Tubes JJ Tesla 1x ECC83S and 1x E88CC gold pins, cryogenicaly treated
- Mundorf silver-gold-oil capacitors (2x) and electrolyte 8 x 22000uF
- dual-mono, Sanken bipolar transistors (2x10)
- Pure silver Mundorf and Kimber wire PTFE insulation
- WBT and Cardas terminals, Neutrik USB
- Built-in 24bit/192kHz reasampling DAC (all audio data always plays on 24bit/192kHz)
- Burr-Brown technology, accepts both COAX(SPDIF) and USB digital signal transport
- Click-less (in sound path) Relay Volume Control - Patent Pending
- Vfd display Noritake
- Full remote control, in house patented remote protocol, 100% stable operation
- Inputs: 4 x LINE, 2 x COAX and 1 x USB
- Output: 2 x 200W/8ohm, 2 x 400W/4ohm, capable to drive speakers down to 2ohm