Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zellaton One

Two-way speakers with integrated passive-subwoofer pairwise selected with minimal tolerance Membrane technology by Dr. Emil Podszus.

Three-layer membrane structure based on materials with different acoustic conductivity

Extremely complex membrane technology for consistently high quality of mechanics and optics

Weeks long finishing process of every membrane for perfect assembly of cell structure, guaranties maximum quality with minimal weight

Precise selection of all crafted membranes

Application of industrial-grade glue with optimal cohesiveness and excellent lifetime

High- temperature coils on titanium foil for best impulse behavior

For prevention of transition resistance all pieces are cost-effectively manufactured from solid metal

Clear reduction of wobbling motion through double spider for extreme linear hub

Sound-optimized selection of all loudspeaker surrounds

Computer-optimized magnet system with wide linear field above the complete range of the pole plate

The elaborate manual production of the newly developed tweeter with ZELLATON® membrane takes several days. The membrane weight is significantly lower than 0.2 grams

Documentation of all shipped chassis with measurement protocol and serial number. This assures long-lasting service and replacement with identical chassis.

High quality 6db Crossover for a perfect pulse response and best sound quality
Usage of "Cast-coils" and "cast- capacitors? from Duelund Coherent Audio, which are crafted in a week-long and highly accurate production process

Perfectly synchronized inner wiring and direct wiring with speaker cables by van den Hul

Compromise-free selection of all parts regarding extreme high cost

We recommend transistor class A amplifiers or tube amplifiers

Sensitivity approx. 84 db. The low-moving mass of the membrane allowed low amplifier output

Linear Frequency response from 30 Hz - 25 KHz

Living room-friendly conformable speaker design, perfect for rooms around 30m²

Loudspeaker Cabinet with multiple strutted and insulated with natural products - similar to "Variovent System"

Premium high-gloss finish standard RAL white, individual colors and surfaces available on request (for surcharge)

Dimensions: height 108 cm / width 25 cm / depth 55 cm, weight approx. 55 kgs