Thursday, August 5, 2010

Solid Core Audio Speaker Cable

Speaker cables not only conduct signal, but also current.

Hence the cable's geometry is extremely important:
The power requested by the speaker is being conducted in the electro-magnetic field.
Foil conductors offer the perfect guide line for the field in between the two foils.
As with all other Solidcoreaudio products, no plastics are used in the construction.
The result is a speaker cable with unprecedented price / performance ratio.

-> 4N pure silver foil conductor

-> terminated with banana plugs or spades

-> foils twice lacquered with C37 for optimised resonance control

-> three layers of cotton protects the foils and enhances sound quality due to its hydrophile property

-> 1,0 to 3 meters lengths (other lengths upon request)
Prices in CHF
S2 Speaker Cablle (2 meters) 570

Each additional meter 160

S2 Speaker Cable with Bybee Large Devices 1080

S2 Speaker Cable with Bybee Golden Goddess 2550