Thursday, August 5, 2010

Solid Core Audio Interconnect

This Audio Interconnect opens up new (sound) doors. As the usual contact transitions of a conventional audio interconnect are missing, absolutely direct signal transmission without any distortion is more possible than ever before.

In addition, this concept takes mass reduction in the plug to a new level. The conductor itself becomes the contact plug! The result:

-> No deception effects

-> Rich colour reproduction

-> Perfect transmission range of all frequencies

-> Very good spatial reproduction

Wherever possible, plastics are avoided. PTFE may be the best dielectric (together with air), however,
resonance and microphony characteristics are rather unfavorable.

Wherever possible, the cable is built from natural materials. The analogy to the sound is obvious:

This interconnect sounds very natural.  

-> Wood plug, oil-impregnated

-> Solid core silver conductor

-> Resonance-enhanced with three layers of C37 varnish

-> Protected against mechanical impacts with three layers of cotton

-> Length from 0.5 to 2 meters
Prices in CHF.
I1 Interconnect 345 (30 cm)
Each additional 25 cm 75

I1 Interconnect with Bybee Slipstream Carbon 595 (30 cm)