Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Linnenberg amp2S


The amp2S is a classic integrated amplifier. After intensive listening tests we decided against cheap class-D switching techniques in favour of a very sophisticated analogue amplifier.
The amp2S employs a proprietary symmetric relay switch arrangement and a 4-times rotary volume attenuator. The folded cascode JFET differential amplifier and driver stage continues this elegant and short signal path. A combined lateral MOSFET / bipolar transistor output stage with high current capability is rock stable with low impedance or reactive loads.

- True Dual Mono configuration
- Zero negative feedback
- Stable with any reactive or inductive load (incl. exotic loudspeaker cables)
- Ultra-short signal path
- Minimal internal wiring
- Two independent toroidal transformers
- Regulated driver supply voltage
- PCB-mounted Neutric XLR sockets eliminate wiring
- Infrared remote control for volume, mute and input select
Frequency responseDC – 200kHz -3dB @ 25W
Distortion and noise< 0.2% at 25W at 4ohms
Output power40W at 4ohms
Max. output current15A
Damping factor50
Gain / input impedance21dB / 10kOhms
Mains voltage115V, 230V factory set
Dimensions (H x W x D)90 x 440 x 340 mm