Friday, August 27, 2010

Dynaudio Arbiter - old but outstanding amps

Price was $200,000 pair

Effective Output: 620W (8Ω), 1072W (4Ω), 1670W (2Ω)
Frequency response: 0.3Hz-300kHz (-3dB)
THD levels: less than 0.005% (8Ω)
S / N ratio: 103dB or more
Input Impedance: 2000Ω
Input Sensivity 2,25V, 6,75V
Damping Factor: 1000 or more (Output 1), 40 or more (output 2)
Power consumption: 120W, 2000W (Max)
Size (WHD): 27.5 × 80 × 67cm
Weight: 140kg each

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